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Inchinnan Old Parish Church

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Eastern runway approach lights sited on Ladyacre, 2007
Eastern runway approach lights
sited on Ladyacre

Beside the A8, after it passes north over the Black Cart Bridge on the road to Inchinnan from Renfrew, are the eastern approach runway lights of Glasgow Airport. The first set of lights to the west of the A8 road occupy an area of ground named Ladyacre, behind which is the site of the former Inchinnan Old Parish Church, demolished in 1965 to accommodate expansion of the airport, in particular the lengthening of the runway.

The small section of plan, taken from the 1972 registration of the site as an Ancient Monument, provides details of the buildings, and names of the areas occupied when the ground was taken over for use by the airport.

A new church was erected in Inchinnan village, but the old graveyard still exists behind the runway lights. Visitors to the graveyard require permission from the airport owners, plus the key to the security gate, in order to gain entry. The lines of approach lights can be seen in the aerial view, as lines in the ground on both sides of the A8, running from north west to south east, and perpendicular to the centreline of the runway.


Detail from site registration, 1971, © Crown Copyright
Detail from site registration
© Crown Copyright

The old Inchinnan parish church, dedicated to St Conval, was given to the Knights Templar by David I (1083 or 1085 - May 24, 1153) of Scotland. In 1828 it was demolished, at which time the floor was found to be literally paved with skulls, and replaced by a later church building, which was itself demolished and replaced in 1900 by All Hallows Church. The land to the east, between the church and road, is referred to as Ladyacre, and the revenue from it supplemented the stipend of the incumbent.

The churchyard contains four tombstones with sloping sides and ridged tops, sculptured with swords, locally referred to as the Templar's Graves.

In 1965, the church, manse, and other buildings were demolished to allow extension of the airfield at Abbotsinch. The closing service was held on June 20, 1965, after which, services were held in the nearby church hall, until June 1968. The remaining graveyard and site of All Hallows Church were Scheduled and included in the list of Ancient Monuments in 1972. Many if the building's stained glass windows were rescued, and now were incorporated into the new St Conval's Kirk, on the Old Greenock Road.

3-Dimensional reconstruction

Although All Hallows Church was lost and can no longer be seen, we were provided with a link to a web site which contains a number of screenshots of a 3D graphics reconstruction of the building and surrounding grounds, created by someone who spent their early years living in the area, and this can be found in the Links section below.

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