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Hanged In Scotland

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34 people were hanged in Scotland during the 20th century.

All of the following executions were for murder.

12 hangings took place at Duke Street prison in Glasgow prior to its closure in 1955.

10 then took place at Barlinnie prison.

3 took place at Calton prison in Edinburgh before it closed.

4 then took place at Saughton.

3 took place at Perth.

1 took place at Aberdeen.

1 took place at Inverness.

12/11/1902 Patrick Leggett Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - Sarah Jane Leggett

26/07/1904 Thomas Gunning Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - Agnes Allen

14/11/1905 Pasha Liffey Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - Mary Jane Welsh

05/03/1908 Joseph Hume Inverness. Victim - John Barclay Smith

19/08/1908 Edward Johnstone Perth. Victim - Jane Wallace (Withers)

16/07/1909 Alexander Edmundstone Perth. Victim - Michael Swinton Brown

02/10/1913 Patrick Higgins Calton Edinburgh. Victims - William Higgins, John Higgins

16/05/1917 Thomas McGuiness Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - Alexander Imlach

11/11/1919 James Adams Duke St. Glasgow Victim Mary Doyle (Kane)

26/05/1920 Albert James Fraser Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - Henry Senior

26/05/1920 James Rollins Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - Henry Senior

21/02/1922 William Harkness Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - Elizabeth Benjamin

11/06/1923 John Henry Savage Calton Edinburgh. Victim - Wilhelmina Nicolson (Grierson)

10/10/1923 Susan Newell Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - John Johnston

30/10/1923 Philip Murray Calton, Edinburgh. Victim - William Ronald Cree

24/09/1925 John Keen Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - Noorh Mohammed

24/01/1928 James McKay Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - Agnes Arbuckle

03/08/1928 George Reynolds Duke St. Glasgow. Victim - Thomas Lee

13/08/1928 Allen Wales Saughton, Edinburgh. Victim - Isabella Wales

08/02/1946 John Lyon Barlinnie, Glasgow. Victim - John Brady

06/04/1946 Patrick Carraher Barlinnie, Glasgow. Victim - John Gordon

10/08/1946 John Caldwell Barlinnie, Glasgow. Victim - James Straiton

06/02/1948 Stanislaw Miszka Perth. Victim - Catherine McIntyre

30/10/1950 Christopher Harris Barlinnie, Glasgow. Victim - Martin Dunleavy

16/12/1950 James Robertson Barlinnie, Glasgow. Victim - Catherine McCluskey

15/09/1951 Robert Dobie Smith Saughton, Edinburgh. Victim - William Gibson

12/04/1952 James Smith Barlinnie Glasgow. Victim - Martin Joseph Malone

29/05/1952 Patrick Gallagher Deveney Barlinnie, Glasgow. Victim - Jeannie Deveney

26/01/1953 George Francis Shaw Barlinnie, Glasgow. Victim - Michael Connolly (Conly)

23/04/1954 John Lynch Saughton Edinburgh. Victims - Lesley Jean Nisbet (Sinclair), Margaret Curran (Johnson)

23/06/1954 George Alexander Robertson Saughton Edinburgh. Victims - Elizabeth Robertson, George Alexander Robertson

11/07/1958 Peter Manuel Barlinnie Glasgow. Victims - Marion Hunter McDonald Watt, Vivienne Isabella Reid Watt, Margaret Hunter Brown, Isabelle Wallace Cooke, Peter James Smart, Doris Smart, Michael Smart

22/12/1960 Anthony Miller Barlinnie Glasgow. Victim - John Cremin

15/08/1963 Henry John Burnett Aberdeen. Victim - Thomas Guyan

Only one woman was hanged, Susan Newell. She was also the only woman ever executed at Glasgow’s Duke Street Prison.

Susan Newell was the last woman to be hanged in Scotland. She killed newspaper boy John Johnston. It is speculated that she killed the boy trying to obtain his small amount of money. This has never been established as there are no witnesses to any verbal exchange and Susan Newell never pleaded guilty She killed her victim via strangulation on 20 May 1923.

The gruesome story of child killer Susan Newell - the last woman hanged in Scotland


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