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A giant haggis prepared by Hall's in North Berwick weighed in at 1.01 ton, or 2,227 lbs in June 2014. This was some 993 lbs heavier than the previous record for the largest haggis, held by the Machline Burns Club, which prepared a 1,234 lbs pudding on May 23, 2009. Hundreds of pounds of pork offal, oatmeal, and onions went into the giant pudding, but the actual recipe is secret of the maker.

2014 was also noted to be 'Year of the haggis'.

The record for the world’s largest haggis has been broken by a massive 1.01 ton pudding.

The haggis was made and cooked at Hall’s in North Berwick before being put on the back of a lorry and taken to the Royal Highland Show for the all-important weigh-in on Thursday.

It tipped the scales at 1.01 ton, or 2227lbs - a whopping 993lbs heavier than the previous record.

Measuring more than 2.5m long, 1m wide and a metre high, the recipe included 750lbs of oats and almost 90lbs of onions.

The attempt was overseen by Mark McKinley from Guinness World Record, who confirmed it had made it into the record book.

After the weigh-in, Cameron Hill, 15, from Kilmarnock performed the address to the haggis before it was dished out.

The haggis, which took 25 and a half hours to cook, will be sold in individual portions to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and a selection of children’s charities.

- One ton pudding breaks world record for world's largest haggis.[1]


1 One ton pudding breaks world record for world's largest haggis | Edinburgh & East | News Retrieved June 22, 2014.


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