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Glenmallan lies on the east side of Loch Long, approximately seven miles south of the head of the loch.

The name appears with various spellings, therefore this page is identified by the name Glenmallan, as used on maps issued by Ordnance Survey, while features such as the Glen Mallan Jetty are described using the spelling assigned by their owners.

Glen Mallan Jetty

Glen Mallan Jetty and RFA Fort Austin, 2008
Glen Mallan Jetty and
RFA Fort Austin
© Colin Smith

Glen Mallan Jetty lies on the west side of the A814 road, and was built during the 1970s to provide facilities for the loading and unloading of munitions and stores for vessels of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) and the British fleet. The jetty's explosives handling licence permits up to 44,000 kg of explosive material to be handled at any one time, and this is reported to be four times the amount permitted at the Crombie Depot. The jetty serves the Glen Douglas Munitions Depot using a purpose built road connecting the two, and owned by the MoD.

Glen Mallan jetty 2003
Glen Mallan Jetty 2003
© paul birrel


The former Z-Berth located at the Glen Mallan Jetty is no longer operational.

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