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Glaswegian, the language and dialect of Glasgow.

In 2018, Strathclyde published a list of Glaswegian words to help new students arriving in the city, Glasgow Patter (Glaswegian).[1]

Scottish Slang English
A wiz like I was like
Aff Off
Ah am/ no I am/ no
Anaw As Well
Anno I know
Aw All
Awfie Awful
Aye Yes
Aye Right Expression of disbelief
Baltic Very cold; describing the day
Banter Lively, humorous conversation,
with teasing remarks
Batter To beat up
Belter To be great, fantastic
Bevvy Drink
Bit A place; often somebodies house
Blether A chat
Boak Vomit
Bolt Go/run away
Bonnie Pretty, Beautiful
Burd Female
Cannae Canít
Cauld Cold
Ceilidh A social event involving Scottish
music and country dancing.
Chancer A person who takes risks and is
Chankiní Cold
Claes Clothes
Coo Cow
Crabbit Bad-tempered, angry
Da Dad, father
Dae Do
Daftie Idiot
Didnae Didnít
Dinghy/ied To ignore or ignored by someone
Diz(nie) Does(nít)
Donner A walk
Doon Down
Drap Drop
Drookit Soaking wet
Dug Dog
Eh What?
Eejit Silly Person
Emdy Anybody
Fae From
Feart Scared
Fitba Football
Fiver Five pound note
Footie Football
Fur For
Gaun Going
Geesa Give me a
Geggie Mouth
Gies Give
Ginger Referring to Irn Bru
Glaikit Clueless, stupid
Glesgae/Glesga Glasgow
Gonnae Will/can you
Goat Got
Gob Mouth
Grannied Scored no points (in a game)
Greet(in) Cry(ing)/moan(ing)
Hame Home
Haud(iní) Hold(ing)
Haud yer wheesht Stop talking
Hawn Hand
Heid Head
Heavy Used to emphasis
Hee Haw Nothing/ empty
Hen Girl/woman
Hing Thing
Honkin Smelly/ dirty
How (no)? Why (not)?
Hud(nae) Had(nít)
Hunner(s) Hundred(s)
Intae Into
Intit (no)? Isnít it?
Isnae Isnít
Jammie Lucky
Jannie Janitor
Jist Just
Kin Can
Ken Know
Laddie Boy, male
Lassie Girl, female
Loch Lake
Loupin Very sore
Lugs Ears
Mad wae it drunk
Ma(ssehl) My(self)
Maw Mum
Mair More
Maist Most
Manky Dirty
Mental Insane, wild
Messages Grocery items
Mibbe Maybe
Mind Remember
Mince Rubbish/ nonsense
Minginí Horrible, disgusting
Minted Rich/ wealthy
Mockit Horrible, disgusting
Mon then A challenge to a fight
Motor Car
Muppet Idiot
Nae No
Nae danger No bother/ way/ chance
Naw No
Numpty Idiot (endearing)
Oaf Off
Oot Out
Patter Banter
Peely-Wally Looking pale
Piece Sandwich
(Thatís) Plenty (Thatís) Enough
Poke Paper Bag
Polis Police
Pure Really (descriptive emphasis)
Quality Great/ excellent
Raginí Very angry
Scooby Clue
Scran Food
Sesh A night out drinking
Simmer Down Calm down
Skedaddle Aff Scurry away
Skelp To hit/ smack something/one
Skint No money/ poor
Solid Hard, difficult, tough
Square go Asking for a fight
Steaminí Drunk
Swallie Swallow
Tad A little
Tae To
Tan Drink quickly
Taps Aff Tops off (due to heat)
Tatties Potatoes
Telt Told
The day/ morra/
night/ noo
Today/ Tomorrow/ Tonight/ right
Tidy Beautiful/ stunning/ lovely
Toaty Small
Toon Town
Troops Friends
Tube Idiot
Wabbit Tired
Wan One
Wallap To hit something/one
Wee Small/ little
Wee man Mate, friend
Wean (Wayne) Child
Well Very
Whit What
Whitey Sick
Windae Window
Wis(nae) Was(nít)
Wit ye like What are you like
Ya Dancer An expression of joy
Yaks Eyes
Yaldi An expression of joy
Ye(rsel) You(rself)
Yer Your
Yin One
Youse You all


1 Glasgow Patter (Glaswegian) Retrieved 09 January 2019.

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