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Gilmerton Cove

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Gilmerton Cove, Colin Williamson
Gilmerton Cove

Gilmerton Cove lies beneath the crossroads in Gilmerton, in the southern suburbs of Edinburgh, and is a labyrinth of caves and passageways carved out of the bedrock. Included in the carvings are various bits of furniture including tables, chairs and beds. The origins of the cave are presently unknown although theories abound. These include the Covenanters, the Hellfire Club and the Knights Templar. Some parts of the cave are filled with rubble and cannot be accessed for fear of collapse (of the crossroads), so the mystery deepens with ideas that it may connect to caves near to Rosslyn Chapel.

Access is available by appointment - see their website for details.[1]



1 The Mystery of Gilmerton Cove Retrieved 07/03/2014.

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