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Garramor House

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Garramor House, no details known regarding picture received
Garramor House

Garramor House is located about three miles north of Arisaig, six miles south of Mallaig, and forty miles west of Fort William, by road. It lies on a track to the east of the B8008, which follows the coast west of the A830 Fort William to Mallaig road. The B8008 begins on the left, half a mile north of Arisaig.

Garramor House dates from 1840, and was originally built as a hunting lodge. The site appears on Ordnance Survey mapping as Garramor, but appears to have been changed to Garramore on modern publicity. This site will use Garramor for consistency with established records.

During World War II, Garramor House was requisitioned for training, and used by the Special Operations Executive (SOE) as a Special Training School, designated STS25a. Its specific function is unknown.

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