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Ganavan Bay and jetty
Ganavan Bay and jetty
© Peter Amsden

Ganavan, and Ganavan Bay, lies about two miles north of Oban, and is home to a number of former sites related to World War II. The area was used for holidays for a time, and a holiday village, Ganavan Sands Village, was built there in 2004, but was closed in 2007, to be replaced by a residential property village.

The wartime sites included a Flying Boat Maintenance Unit, Royal Navy Signal Station, and an Anti-Submarine Indicator Loop.

Further sites suggested, but without referenced sources, include a gun battery, ammunition store, radar tower and plotting room.

Disappearing sand

At the beginning of 2012, there were various stories regarding the disappearance of the sand which gave the area its name of Ganavan Sands.

The reason for this disappearance was merely the effect of stormy weather, which had caused the sand to be washed away from the beach and carried away by the current, leaving behind the heavier gravel and stones. Expert noted that the effect was not unknown or unusual, and that although there were no guarantees, could just as easily pick up the sand and return it to the bay one day.

The clearance is also said to have revealed the foundations of beach huts that once also populated the bay.

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