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East Lothian Beach Defences

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Although not identified formally as a stop line, the East Lothian coast between North Berwick and Dunbar on the south of the Forth of Forth has a significant number of tank traps, dragon's teeth, observation posts, pillboxes, and even anti-glider posts evident, many of which are still extant to some degree. Some are known to have been moved, having been reused to construct later defences in the form of sea walls.

The large concrete cylinders visible in the first photograph would have been rolled across the road to block access to the nearby beach.


Links Wood road block, 2007
Links Wood road block
© D'akota
Bathan's Strand anti tank blocks, 2007
Bathan's Strand anti tank blocks
© Lisa Jarvis
Bathan's Strand steel rails, Historian
Bathan's Strand steel rails
Tyninghame anti tank blocks, 2006, 56.0141952 -2.593434312
Tyninghame anti tank blocks
© Eileen Henderson NT 631 803
Hedderwick anti tank blocks, 2006
Hedderwick anti tank blocks
© Lisa Jarvis

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