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East Barns of Clyde Timber Dock

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High tide view, 2008, Fox
High tide view

The East Barns of Clyde Timber Dock lies on the north bank of the River Clyde, just beyond the south end of Greenlaw Road, Yoker.

Once part of a shipbuilder's yard on the Clyde, the dock would have been used to store seasoned timber, ready for use in the yard, in a similar way to the larger commercial Timber Ponds to the west.

The age and history of the dock's origins are unknown, and no listing in RCAHMS. However, its outline appears on an 1848 map of the area, adjacent to a small developed area identified as the East Barns of Clyde on a later map of Dumbarton dating from 1864/5.

Detail of timber dock and yard, 1899 map, out of copyright
Detail of timber dock and yard

Although the yard owner is not identified on any of the map where it appears, a "Shipbuilding Yard" is shown to the east of the dock. The area is annotated as both a "Timber Dock", and "Mud", on the 1899, 1:10,560 Dumbartonshire map.

Local recollections dating back to the early 1920s recall the area as The Coal Quay, a name which has also been given for the site in more recent times. This reference, together with the dimensions of the dock/quay suggest it was used by Clyde Puffers, which would have been in operation at time, and both used and transported coal, and many other items.

Although extant when first noted in February 2007, it was abandoned and deteriorating, accumulating flotsam and jetsam. The dock may be lost completely, as the surrounding area is undergoing regeneration and redevelopment, which will probably require the river bank to be tidied and landscaped at some point.

Site visit

A visit to the site in March 2008 revealed that the dock was still in place, and appeared to have been cleared. New housing was being completed on the adjacent site which had previously been occupied by Yoker Power Station, and looks set to advance towards the area of the old timber dock.


Low tide view, 2007
Low tide view
Approaching development, 2008
Approaching development
Later development, 2012
Later development
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