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Duntocher Rifle Range

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Duntocher Rifle Range appears to be relatively unknown, and lies in the hills just to the west of Duntocher.

It may also have been referred by the by the local area name of Wester Duntiglennan, seen on some older maps of the area, and also the name of a nearby farm.

From a site visit, it is reported that there is a concrete target wall with a large earth butt behind, and surviving target winches which are describing as being remarkably intact for their age.

From the available Ordnance Survey maps of the area, the range is noted to have appeared on the maps between the 1919 and 1922 publications. Given the production delay between physical survey and printing of the final map at the time, this suggests the range was constructed as part of the preparations for World War I. The maps also show a flagstaff near the target and butts, which would have flown a red flag when the range was in use and live firing was being carried out, warning walkers in the hills to keep away.

From the maps, assuming they are accurate, the range appears to be slightly unusual in that the target is offset slightly to the left of the firing steps. Specifically, those which ran to 300 yards were generally in line with the target, but there was no 400 yards step shown on the maps (possibly due to the presence of a spring near the spot where this step would have been place). Two firing steps are shown at 500 yards, spaced a short distance apart, with the final, single 600 yard step to their south. Normally the target and firing steps are generally in line. However, the maps show a curling pond at just less than 500 yards from the target, so this may explain the dog-leg layout of the 500 yard and 600 yard steps.

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