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Doune Motor Racing Hill Climb

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The Doune Motor Racing Hill Climb began in 1968, and hosts a number of national Hill Climb events. Its success was the inspiration for completing the works required to open Doune Motor Museum within two years.

Originally commissioned and built between 1967 and 1968, the track length is now some 30 m shorter than its original 1,350 m after two alterations. The track was resurfaced in 1992, with a new paddock being installed in 2000, and a paddock ring road added in 2002.

The first track record was set by Sir Nicholas Williamson, driving a Brabham BT21C in June, 1968, at 48.84 seconds, an average speed of 61.82 mph. On June 18, 2000, Graeme Wight Junior, driving a Gould GR51, set a new record of 36.50 seconds, an average speed of 82.73 mph. The current record of 36.48 seconds was set on September 18, 2005, by Martin Groves, driving a Gould 3.5L GR55B NME.

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The marker lies in the approximate centre of the area enclosed by the track and its return road to the start, adjacent to the public car park.


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