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Denmuirhill Rifle Range

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Denmuirhill Rifle Range lies on the lower south facing slopes of Norman's Hill, about 4 miles to the east of Newburgh, Fife.

Two adjacent ranges can be seen on OS maps dating back to 1914, and may originally have been constructed for Volunteer Regiment training. The targets lie to the north, with firing steps running to the south. The range to the west has steps out to 600 yards, while the range to the east has steps running to 800 yards. The ranges are no longer apparent on OS maps dating from 1966.

Targets were mounted on mechanical pulleys which allowed them to be raised above a stone built wall, with an earth bank or butt to the north, which would have caught the spent rounds. Behind the wall, a trench of some 25 metres length protected the target while the range was in use, allowing them to work safely below the firing line. The pulley system was designed such that as one target was being lowered, another was raised into position.

The earth bank is about 30 metres long, with huts arranged at its eastern end.

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