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Crombie Munitions Depot

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Crombie pier 2005, © http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/636
Crombie pier
© Bob Jones

The munitions depot at Crombie, west Fife, has been operational since 1916, and lies midway between Crombie and Charlestown. Formerly known as RNAD Crombie, and DMC Crombie.

In July, 2005, Hansard reported that a study had determined that the explosives storage capacity available at DMC Crombie was not required to meet the known and projected storage liability of its customers, and that the depot would, in future, concentrate on providing a loading/off-loading function to HM ships and Royal Fleet Auxiliaries (RFA), together with berthing and other jetty operations.

DMC Crombie then employed 168 staff, of which the study indicated a reduction of 142 could be made. 67 posts to go in the first year, with the balance of 75 posts being phased over years 2006–07 to 2009–10. Implementation of the study recommendations has the potential to deliver savings in the order of £18.1 million over a 10 year period.

Crombie depot 2007, © http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/196
Crombie depot
© Richard Webb

DSDA Crombie provides comprehensive multi-faceted munitions and maintenance support for the UK Armed Forces. Responsibilities include receipt, storage, maintenance, issue and distribution (RSMID) of tri-service conventional weapons. Processing and the maintenance of, RAF Air Launched Weapons. Fleet Management of Alarm, Skyflash and AMRAAM missiles. In addition to providing normal storage and processing activities, the site provides ship mounted gun overhaul and maintenance of naval mine disposal systems. Its facilities include an Integrated weapon Complex (IWC) and a modern deep water explosive handling jetty, which can accept up to 49,000 tonnes displacement, that supports war vessels and Royal Fleet Auxiliaries (RFAS). DSDA Crombie also acts as Sub-contractor to industry on storage and munitions processing.

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