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Craigberoch Wood Rifle Range

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Craigberoch Wood Rifle Range ran along the northern side of Craigberoch Wood on the Isle of Bute, on the south side of the B878 road. The wood is alternatively marked as Craigbiroch, and Craigbiorach, on survey maps from different years.

The targets were located at the western end of the range, with the firing positions to the east, where a small square building has also been reported.

Two adjacent ranges and targets have been described, with one having firing steps located at 100 yard intervals between 300 yards and 600 yards, and other with steps at 200 yards and 300 yards.

A flagpole is recorded on the high ground at the western end of the range, and would have flown a red warning flag when the range was in use.

There is no evidence of any remains reported in the area, and the range is not shown on recent OS mapping, although it can be seen on earlier maps dating from 1896 and 1924, but not before.

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