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Clyde Minewatchers' Posts

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During World War II, a chain of Minewatchers' Posts was built along the banks of the River Clyde from Greenock to Glasgow. Many of these have been lost over the years, having been demolished, or just falling into the water as a result of bank erosion.

One post still stands on a promontory at the eastern end of the former site of RAF Greenock, now Greenock Ocean Terminal, and visible from the walkway that passes being the town's swimming pool. Another intact example has survived at Port Glasgow, at Steamboat Quay near the lighthouse.

Several examples still exist in various states of repair from Bowling Harbour eastwards. Since these remaining examples are not separated by any great distance, the completed chain must have included a considerable number of these posts.

The posts generally follow a similar design, being built of brick with a concrete roof, and having a 12-inch high horizontal slit installed in the side facing the water. Entrances are arranged to the rear, often protected by a defensive wall.


Bowling, 2007, Fox
Greenock, 2007, Fox
Port Glasgow, Steamboat Quay, 2007, Fox
Port Glasgow, Steamboat Quay


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