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Clyde Fog Guns

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The Clyde Lighthouses Trust maintained two fog guns, one in a fog signal house located at the end of the pier which extended from Navy Buildings, Greenock, and a second on the perch over the Rosneath Patch.[1] The Rosneath Patch lies north of Whitefarland Point, and is shown as a bank on Admiralty Charts of 1856, now marked by a beacon.

Mapping up to 1938 depicts a Fog Bell House at the end of the pier at Whitefarland Point, near Fort Matilda, however the pier has been removed at some time after this. The date of its removal is not known, but would be expected to be after World War II, as the area was in operational use during the conflict.

The signal was created by the automatic explosion of acetylene gas within the guns, which were under the control of the Gourock Pilots. The gun at Navy Buildings fired at intervals of 10 seconds, while the Rosneath Patch gun fired every 17 seconds.


1 Clyde lighthouses: A short history of the Clyde Lighthouses Trust, 1756-1956, George Blake, 1956.

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