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Clyde Floating Bath Gourock Bay

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The Clyde floating bath, an outdoor swimming pool once moored in the waters of the Clyde off Battery Park, Greenock, was was recorded as lost on October 11, 1881, at 2:00 pm.

The cause of the sinking was reported as a gale during the previous night, which caused serious damaged to the floating bath, and parted some of its iron beams, causing it to sink at its mooring near Gourock Bay where parts of the flooring were then washed ashore.

Battery Park pool

Local reports indicate that the floating bath was replaced by a concrete outdoor sea water pool in Battery Park during the 1930s, which closed when the Hector McNeil baths opened during the 1960s.

Hector McNeil baths

McNeil baths site, 2007
McNeil baths site
© Thomas Nugent
McNeil baths site, 2007
McNeil baths site
© Thomas Nugent

The Hector McNeil Baths, sited between Brachelston Street and the A78 Inverkip Road, were intended to meet the specifications for an Olympic 50 metre pool. However, when the pool was measured on completion, it was found to be half an inch short as someone had forgotten to allow for the thickness of the tiles.

The McNeil baths were also superseded, by the Waterfront Complex, and they were demolished in 2002 to make way for a development of retirement flats.

Hector McNeil died in 1955, having been the MP for Greenock, and was instrumental in encouraging IBM to locate their computer factory in Greenock in the early 1950s. He was also Secretary of State for Scotland and Vice President of the UN General Assembly.

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