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Civil Defence Training Centre Campbeltown

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The Kintyre area Civil Defence Training Centre has been identified in the old courthouse building, Bolgan Street, Campbeltown.

During World War II, the building served as the Civil Defence Training Centre Kintyre Area, and is reported to have returned to this role after the war, and remained in use until the Civil Defence Corps was disbanded in 1968.

The building survives, but is reported derelict in 2008.

The following report is quoted, courtesy of our friends at Subterranea Britanicca:

The Old Courthouse, in Bolgam Street is a two-storied block having a small courtyard at the rear. This incorporates a spacious first-floor hall of which the street frontage is lit by a range of round-headed windows; the interior contains a columned chimney-piece and the doors and windows have moulded architraves. Part of the structure may be as old as the 18th century, but the building evidently assumed its present appearance in 1852-3 when it was modeled for use as a courthouse and prison. During WW2 it housed the Kintyre Civil Defence training centre and this role was revived after the war remaining in use until the disbanding of the Civil Defence Corps in 1968. The building is now derelict.

- Kintyre Civil Defence Training Centre[1]


1 Subterranea Britanicca: Kintyre Civil Defence Training Centre

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