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Cathedral of The Isles

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Cathedral of The Isles © http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/14222
Cathedral of The Isles
© John McLeish

The Cathedral of The Isles is located in College Street, Millport, on Great Cumbrae, or the Isle of Cumbrae.

The original church was completed and opened in 1851, and later raised to cathedral status in 1876. The building seats a congregation of some 100 souls, and is described as the smallest extant cathedral in Britain, and possibly in Europe.

At the time the cathedral was built, the island was effectively owned by the family of the Earl of Glasgow. George Frederick Boyle, heir to the family, had a vision for the island as a new Iona where the Episcopal Church would be rejuvenated, with a Theological College and Collegiate Church to educate a new generation of evangelists.

Today, the college offers retreats and holiday accommodation in 16 bedrooms, providing facilities for up to 35 residents. While the main visitors have been from the Scottish Episcopalian Church, anyone may use the facilities, with no pressure to take part in services.

Cathedral of The Isles © http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile.php?u=11965
Cathedral of The Isles
Residential wing
© Elliot Simpson

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