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Cat Gates Culzean

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Cat gates, Culzean Castle, 2007
Cat gates, Culzean Castle
© James Allan

The cat gates were the original inner entrance to Culzean Castle near Maybole, Carrick, on the Ayrshire coast.

Text accompanying the picture describes the cats surmounting the stone pillars as Coade stone cats, restored in 1995. Lodge cottages also flanked the gate on either side of the road, but these were demolished during the 1950s.

Coade stone was a ceramic material, broadly described as an artificial stone, first created by Mrs Eleanor Coade (1733-1821), and sold commercially from 1769 to 1833. The material was easily moulded, and proved to be extremely weather resistant. The family failed to maintain the business after her death, and it eventually collapsed in bankruptcy.

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