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Buthkollidar was a large dwelling house just outside Dunoon about 150 yd from the shore. The proprietor was John Mannifold. The house itself was supposedly allowed to burn down between the wars, and a row of small houses built on the land. The original gardener's and coachman's houses appear to remain, and are attractive, semidetached buildings, unusually of concrete. One is called Buthkollidar Cottage, the other unknown. The mechanic at the Balaclava Garage opposite was most helpful and informative. Buth is from the Norse buğ, while Kollid was a pirate

It was noted that Buthkollidar was claimed to be pronounced locally as Balaclava, but this was later said to be a mistake, although the Balaclava Garage was noted there, so...?

Attempts to find out about these gardener's and coachman's houses origins failed, but they appear to be very old concrete dwellings, possibly among the first in Scotland. Mannifold seems to have been leasing Buthkollidar in 1882, but bought it prior to 1886. The valuation roll for the tie features Buth-Kollidar. If you go up there, take care, the occupants of the left-hand house are reported to be very sensitive about photos etc, it may help to try and have a word first, although the usual public places law applies provided you are not standing on private land.

Bullwood appears in Argyllshire on one of the oldmaps sites, scrolling from there finds Buthkollidar at Grid Ref 215646,672833.

Scottish museum records indicate that the area immediately to the south was once the site of the old Innellan Gas Works, and was also once proposed as housing Development for United States Naval personnel as the Cluniter Farm Housing Development.

Local information tells of an Acoustic Detection Post being located on this site during World War II.

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