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Bruxie Hill

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Bruxie Hill masts, 2007
Bruxie Hill masts
© Anne Burgess

Bruxie Hill rises to 216 metres (708 ft) and lies about five miles (8 km) southwest of Stonehaven, and about one mile (0.6 km) southeast of the village of Fiddes on the A90 road.

Communications site

The summit is home to three separate compounds, each of which contains an antenna mast, and buildings to house the related transmitting and receiving equipment. The location has the BT site engineering code YBRX. Such codes are assigned to a physical location which is equipped by the company with unusual amounts or types of telecommunications.

The compound to the southwest of the site is described as a television link station

A document published in 2009, by Defence Estates which manages estates on behalf of the MoD, show the site as Bruxie Hill ISS Radio Station, belonging to the MoD on a freehold basis.[1]

No further information is available regarding the other facilities on the site, and the ISS acronym is not clearly defined, therefore any other information available would be appreciated.


1 Estate Baseline 2009, Defence Estates, MoD

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