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Bethania House

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Bethania House during demolition, November 2007, © zak355@gmail.com
Bethania House during demolition
© Zak

Bethania House was sited on Bullwood Road, West Bay, Dunoon, just north of Innellan, until November 2007, when it was demolished to make way for a development by Fyne Initiatives Ltd (a subsidiary of Argyll and Bute Housing Association Fyne Homes). The building had most recently been used by the council as the Bethania care home, but had been abandoned and lain empty for some years.

The housing project at Bethania is valued in excess of £2 million, and is due for completion in October 2008, creating a total of 13 homes providing a selection 1, 2, and 3 bedroom properties for Homestake (shared equity) for the shared equity market, together with one commercial unit to be used by the Bullwood Regeneration Project, which will be responsible for the maintenance of the woodland on the grounds of Bethania, as well as a programme of woodland based education and training.

Development, Fox, 090623
Development June 2009

The company stated it would be working with award-winning architect architect Gokay Deveci to provide "innovative and sustainable housing on an attractive seafront site".


Bethania House, received 2009
Bethania House - uncredited

Local information about the house has described its use as a hotel, The Alderwood, which appears in the town's street directory of 1939. Prior to it's period as a religious institution, it was owned by the Leckie family.

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The specific period of occupation is unknown, but Bethania House has been described as a Carmelite Monastery, occupied by Carmelite Nuns, during the 1960s and 1970s. Extensive alterations and extensions were made to the original house some time after 1963, when a number of proposals were prepared, as per the example shown below.

Proposed alterations and extensions to Bethania House dated 1963
Proposed alterations and extensions to Bethania House dated 1963

The house can be found listed as Bethania Resource Centre in a number of automated online business indexes that have no-one overseeing the quality of their content:

Bethania Resource Centre
Day Centres for People With Learning Disabilities. Social services
Address: Bullwood Road, Dunoon, Argyll, PA23 7QL
Phone: 01369-703003

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