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Barometer Cottage Broughty Ferry

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Barometer Cottage, Broughty Ferry, 2005
Barometer Cottage, Broughty Ferry
© Val Vannet

Barometer Cottage lies at the corner of Fisher Street and Bell's lane in Broughty Ferry, a small port and residential suburb to the east of Dundee.

The cottage, number 115, dates back to the days when Broughty Ferry was an fishing village and ferry port, however this industry declined, and during the 19th century became home to many of the wealthy industrialists who made their fortunes in jute, building their factories in Dundee, and their villas on the coast.

The barometer case by the front door, dated 1589, is now little more than a curiosity, and reminder of the town's past, as it no longer houses a barometer and lies empty, thanks to the attention of passing vandals.


Barometer Cottage, Broughty Ferry, 2011
Barometer Cottage, Broughty Ferry
© Anne Burgess
Barometer Cottage, Broughty Ferry, 2008
Barometer Cottage, Broughty Ferry
© Elliott Simpson

The cottage and enclosure have been refurbished since the item was first mentioned.

A note with the newer images of the cottage suggests that the barometer was an instrument manufactured by Negretti and Zambra, a well-known manufacturer of scientific and optical instruments which was founded in 1850, and whose products were often used by those at sea. The barometer is said to have been bought by the owner of the cottage (in 1859) as an aid to local fisherman (who could not have afforded to buy such an item individually), to help with weather prediction.[1] The company is believed to have ceased operation c. 1999.


1 Broughty Ferry Heritage Walk Retrieved April 15, 2012.

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