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Balaclava Garage

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The Balaclava Garage lies to the south of Dunoon, between Bullwood and Innellan on the A815 coastal Bullwood Road.

Construction of the building is locally reported to have been started during World War II, but not completed until 1945, with the result that the unallocated building, which contained a number of small rooms, lay vacant for a period after the war ended.

Following the end of the war, it was first used as a training facility, teaching various trades to soldiers who had recently been demobbed. It was then used as workshops by tradesmen.

Rooms at the front of the building were used to manufacture cameras for a period, but this business failed after a few months, and the space was taken over by the the owner of the neighbouring caravan site. One of the rooms to the rear was used to manufacture model boats for a time.

By 1960, the building had been converted into garage premises, and the Balaclava Garage has occupied the site since that time.

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