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The England's Army Camps project ran as an addition to the Defence of Britain Project administered by English Heritage:[1]

The England's Army Camps project represents the most recent and most detailed survey and analysis of an important aspect of England's military history. The project was undertaken in two stages. The first stage, authored by Dr David Evans consists of a documentary study of the evidence for the construction and use of army camps in England, Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland between 1858 and 2000. The second stage, authored by William Foot, represents the field checking of the English sites identified in the first stage. The project was funded by English Heritage and undertaken for English Heritage's Characterisation Team.

The information summarised below only deals with the camps the project listed for Scotland.

The list is in two parts, with the Highland section covering the area north of Stirling, and the Lowland section covering the area to the south.

Name Page Place Date Purpose Structure Capacity 1950 Use Notes Reference
Aberdeen Camp Aberdeen 1939 Militia Camp Nissen Cost £10,000 WORK 46/2
Aberdeen North Camp Aberdeen 1940 Training 260 ORs WO163/349,WORK46/2
Aberdeen South Aberdeen 1940 Training 260 ORs WO163/633
Achnasheen Camp Achnasheen 1942 Transit 90 ORs WO199/1089
Arbroath Camp Arbroath Begun 1939 Training Cost £170,000 WORK 46/2
Back o’Hill Stirling 1939/40 Militia 208 ORs REME £155,000 spent on Stirling and Falkirk WO163/349,WORK 46/2
Balhousie Camp Perth 1938/9 Militia Nissen 7 Officers, 244 ORs Vacant WO163/349
Bendarroch Camp #2 Squatted WO163/348
Bogs o’Main #8 Elgin Being derequisitioned WO163/348
Bogs o Main Map jump #12 Elgin Nissen 150 ORs Married families Required as HQ until 1955 WO163/349,WO163/352. WO163/348
Buddon Camp Carnoustie 1930 Nissen 16 Officers, 205 ORs TA Weekend camp Land purchased 1892 WO163/349, WO107/276
Cameron Barracks Inverness 1940 Militia 15 Officers, 331 ORs WO163/349, WO163/633, WO199/1032
Cardross Camp Map jump Cardross Nissen Vacant Being derequisitioned WO163/349, WO163/348
Castle Camp Inveraray 400 All ranks Vacant Being derequisitioned WO163/349, WO163/348
Crail Camp Map jump Crail 80 All ranks Joint Service School of Linguistics On loan from Admiralty WO166/633
Crossford Camp Map jump Dunfermline Nissen 73 All ranks Vacant Being derequisitioned WO163/349, WO16/348
Cullerne Camp Findhorn 1940 Nissen 3 Officers,97 ORs Watermanship camp WO163/349
Cultybraggan Comrie 1942 Nissen temporary 12 Officers,1531 ORs Mostly vacant TA summer camp WO163/349
CSD Camp Muir of Ord Being derequisitioned WO163/348
Dalmonach Barracks Bonhill 1944 Training Camp for Port Operating Coy RE WO199/2319
Dalmore Camp Map jump Alness Nissen temporary Squatted Originally RAF WO163/349
Drip Bridge Camp Stirling RE Bridging Camp Nissen Retain on Lease WO163/633
Dukes Camp Inveraray Wooden Vacant Being derequisitioned WO163/349, WO163/348
Dumgoyne Map jump Dumgoyne Nissen temporary Squatted WO163/349
Dungoyne Squatted WO163/348
Ferrybrae Camp Map jump Beauly Nissen temporary Squatted WO163/349
Fort George Fort George 1938/9 Militia/general camp Corrugated iron and wood 20 Officers, 313 ORs Highland Bde Training Centre Cost £61,000 WO163/349, WORK46/2
Forthbank Camp Stirling 1939/40 Militia Wooden temporary WO163/349
Galtness Castle Shapinsay 1943 2 wooden 1 Officers, 16 ORs Vacant WO163/349
Grantown Map jump Grantown on Spey Wooden 66 ORs Workshop Terminate lease when reprovided at Inverness WO163/633, WO163/352
Hatston Farm Camp Hatston 1942 Nissen wooden 108 ORs Vacant WO163/349, WO199/1032
Hatstson Main Camp Hatstson 1942 Wooden 144 Officers, 410 ORs Only married quarters still in use Originally RAF WO163/349
Howton Orphir 1942 Probably reception camp for Orkney Concrete Vacant WO163/349
Invergordon Camp Invergordon 1941 Vacant Being derequisitioned WO163/349, WO163/348
Inverurie Camp Inverurie 1941 Reception camp to supply 51 Div WO199/1032
Kilbride Camp Map jump Inverary Brick and wood 318 All ranks Vacant Being derequisitioned WO163/349, WO163/348,
Lairg Camp Lairg 1941 Reception camp to supply 227 Ind Inf Bde WO199/1032
Lynn Park Maryculter 1943 Nissen temporary and wooden 4 Officers, 284 ORs Vacant WO163/249
Market Muir Camp Huntly Wooden temporary Squatted WO163/349
Meadowbank Huntly Wooden temporary Squatted Wrong grid ref MJ525405 given. Confirmed error lies in original survey data, so can't be corrected. WO163/349
Neb Camp Hoy 1940 Corrugated iron 6 Officers,88 ORS WO163/349
North Head Map jump Wick Nissen temporary Squatted WO163/349
Oxan Point Camp Graemsay 1944 Nissen 2 Officers, 8 ORs Vacant WO163/340
Pettycur Camp Kinghorn 1940/1 RA Brick 160 All ranks WO163/348, WO163/349
Pinefield Camp Elgin 1940 Nissen temporary 12 Officers, 819 ORs RE Training WO163/349
Polmaise Camp Stirling 1941 Reception Camp to supply 52 Div WO199/1032
Primrose Camp Map jump Rosyth RA All Ranks 1560 Retain after 1956 as Cadet camp WO163/633
Quebec Camp Inveraray Wooden Vacant Being derequisitioned WO163/348, WO163/349
Queen’s Barracks Perth 1939 Wooden 120 All Ranks Retain for useful life then demolish W163/349
St David’s Camp Donibristle 1939/40 Nissen temporary 14 Officers,182 ORs Vacant Alienate after 1956 WO163/349, WO163/633
Stanger Camp Map jump Flotta Corrugated iron sheeted, wooden 10 Officers, 220 ORs Vacant WO163/349
Turfhills Camp Map jump Kinross Nissen, Wooden Vacant Being derequisitioned WO163/349, WO13/348
Watten CampMap jump Wick Nissen temporary 2079 All ranks Vacant Being derequisitioned WO163/349, WO163/348
Watten Camp Wick REME Nissen temporary 202 All ranks Vacant Being derequisitioned WO163/349, WO163/348
Aberlady Camp Aberlady 1939 3 Training Camps 2 cost £165,000 each WORK 46/2
Aird Camp Map jump Stranraer Nissen 10 Officers, 104 ORs Vacant W0163/349
Ayr Ayr 1938/9 Militia training centre for searchlights 1511 All ranks T473/51 WORK46/2
Bairns Camp Hawick 1904 & 1941 Nissen/wooden 57 Officers, 202 ORs Summer Camp WO163/349
Barassie Camp Barassie Militia Camp Cost £160,000 WORK 46/2
Bellahouston Glasgow 1941 Reception Camp for Glasgow WO199/1032
Bendarroch #1 Garelochhead Vacant WO163/349
Bendarroch #2 Garelochhead Squatted WO163/349
Blackhill Nissen 13 Officers, 141 ORs Squatted WO163/352
Blantyreferme Nissen 4 Officers, 179 ORs WO163/352
Boathouse Bridge Camp Being de-requistioned
Bonnybraes Nissen 12 Officers, 288 ORs) Vacant WO163/349
Broomhill Camp Edinburgh Required until Autumn 1950 WO163/348
Burrowhead Camp Dumfries & Galloway 1938 AA Practice Camp Corrugated Iron 40 Officers, 660 ORs Annual camp WO163/348
Cairnryan Camp Map jump Cairnryan Nissen 46 Officers, 429 ORs WO163/349
Carstairs Camp Carstairs Junction 1942 Staging Camp (for Operation Torch?) WO199/1089
Castlepark Barracks Dunbar 1938 Wooden 5 Officers, 148 ORs WO163/348
Claddyburn Camp Cairnryan 1942 Nissen/Wooden 8 Officers, 268 ORs WO163/349
Cloch Point Map jump Gourock Wooden 36 All Ranks WO163/349
Craigiehall Edinburgh 1941 Nissen/Brick 753 All Ranks WO163/349
Craigiehall Edinburgh 90 WRAC WO163/349
Dalmeny Station Map jump Dalmeny Wooden 6 Officers, 151 ORs TA WO163/349
Douglas Douglas 1945 Nissen/Wooden 9 Officers, 282 ORs Vacant pending demolition WO163/349
Dreghorn Camp Edinburgh 1927 Militia Nissen Lowland Bde training camp WORK 46/2, WO107/273, WO163/349
Dundonald Camp Barassie 1939 Wooden 36 Officers, 1048 ORs WO163/349
Drummockloch Camp Being de-requisitioned WO163/349
Eastfield Camp Dreghorn 1943 Nissen Demolished WO163/349
Eglinton Park 1941 8 Officers, 220 ORs WO163/349
Fairmilehead Camp Map jump Edinburgh Nissen 16 Officers, 500 ORs Demolished WO163/348, WO163/349
Falkirk 1941 Polish reception camp WO199/1032
Flatterton Nissen Vacant WO163/349
Gailes Camp 1940 Nissen 4 Officers, 1020 ORs Annual training camp WO163/349
Garnfield Camp Garelochhead 1941 Nissen, Tarrant, MoWp 9 Officers, 474 ORs WO163/349
Garnkirk Garnkirk 1943 Nissen/Wooden 10 Officers, 93 ORs Ordnance Store WO163/352, WO163/349
Glencorse Camp Woodhouselee 1915 Training Brick/Wood 35 Officers, 833 ORs WO163/349, WO107/272, WORK 46/2
Gosford Camp Longniddry 1939-44 Nissen 8 Officers, 580 ORs REME Workshops WO163/349
Hamilton Barracks 1938 Militia Wooden 8 Officers, 154 ORs WO163/349
Happenden Camp 1942/5 PoW? Nissen 10 Officers, 2127 ORs Vacant WO163/349
Hangingshaw Hill Hangingshaw 1943 Nissen 15 Officers, 155 ORs Loaned to Health Dept WO163/349
Hawkhead Map jump Paisley Nissen 159 All Ranks WO163/349
Invernessan Camp Nissen 4 Officers, 160 ORs Business premises WO163/349
Ingliston Camp Bishopston 1940 Militia Sutcliffe Huts 4 Officers, 2256 ORs Vacant WO163/349, WO99/2399, WORK 46/2
Innermessan Camp Cairnryan 130 All Ranks WO162/633
Kirklee Camp Glasgow 1942/3 Nissen/Wooden Cleared WO163/349
Kirknewton Camp 1941 Nissen 4 Officers, 84 ORs WO163/349
Leffnol Camp Stranraer Nissen Vacant WO163/349, WO163/348
Liberton Camp Edinburgh 1940 Nissen/Wooden 5 Officers, 127 ORs Possibly required until 1965 WO163/348, WO116/349
Linwood Camp Linwood 1941 Nissen/Wooden/Brick 7 Officers, 162 ORs Squatted WO163/349
Magdalene Field Camp Berwick on Tweed 1940 Brick/Wood 18 Officers, 744 ORs Families Camp WO163/349, WORK 46/2
Netherlaw Camp Kirkcudbright 1944 Nissen 9 Officers, 72 ORs Annual camp To be moved to Townhead WO163/349
Netherlennie Camp Map jump Edinburgh Demolished WO163/349
Polkemmet Camp Polkemmet Squatted WO163/348
Pollock GC Camp Pollock 1943 US Hospital 750 Beds Being transferred to Dept of Health WO163/349, WO107/102, WO107/106
Redford Camp Edinburgh 1914/16, 1939/40 Nissen/Wooden 184 All Ranks Reception camp for Edinburgh in 1941 WO163/349, WO199/1032, WO107/272
Rhu Camp Rhu 1940, 1948 Nissen/Brick 6 Officers, 80 ORs Beach Bde (RE?) WO163/349
Riccarton Camp 1941 Wooden 54 ORs WO163/349
Riccarton Camp WRAC 8 0fficers, 102 ORs WO163/349
Robertson's Yard Sandbank 1940 Nissen 6 All Ranks RASC WO163/349
Rowmore Camp Being released WO163/348
Ryden Mains Camp Glenmavis #1047 Port Operating Coy RE WO199/2319
Shawfield Camp Glasgow Nissen/Wooden Part TA, part squatted WO163/349
Stobs Camp Hawick 1903-4, 1915 Wooden 36 All Ranks Summer Camp WO163/349, WO107/276
Town head Camp Map jump Kirkcudbright Nissen/Wooden 5 Officers, 90 ORs RAC HQ & Range Staff WO163/349
West Pilton Edinburgh 1941 Wooden 6 Officers, 234 ORs WO163/349
Winningtonrig Camp North Hawick 1915, 1940-42 Brick/Wood 56 Officers, 368 ORs Summer Camp WO163/349
Winningtonrig Camp South Hawick 1915, 1940 Nissen/Wood 7 Officers, 743 ORs Summer Camp WO163/349
Winston Barracks Lanark 1939 Brick/wood 6 Officers, 503 ORs REME Workshops WO163/349
Winston Camp Map jump Lanark Wooden 236 All Ranks TA WO163/349
Woodhouselee Camp Edinburgh 1940 Nissen/Wooden 19 Officers, 265 ORs WO163/349


1 England's Army Camps Project



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