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Anstruther Model Solar System

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Three Anstruther Solar System Model Plaques, Google Earth
3 Solar System Model Plaques
© Google Earth

Anstruther Model Solar System opened on 21 June 2015, the summer solstice (longest day of the year).

A true-scale model of the solar system, the installation was made possible as an Anstruther Town Centre Working Group project.

Jim Braid, of the Anstruther Town Centre Working Group, said: "Norman (Paterson) first came up with the idea at least 10 years ago and with his perseverance it has come to fruition. ďIt has been one of the smaller TCWG projects but it is certainly unique in concept and Iím sure it will be another popular attraction in Anstruther."[1]

The model extends almost 600 metres, from the 'Sun', at the old Sun Tavern (opposite the Life Boat Shed) to 'Pluto', about 100 metres past the Dreel Tavern on the way towards Pittenweem, with each planet are shown to scale on 11 bronzed plaque mounted on building facades, mostly along Shore Street. Provided the tide is out, visitors can cross stepping stones to reach 'Neptune' in The Esplanade. A display board is located on the Folly, which can be found opposite the foot of Hadfoot Wynd.

The plaques are placed at true-scale intervals which represent the distances from the Sun to eight planets and two dwarf planets in the solar system, and carry brief descriptions of each together with a tiny scale representation.

In the Solar System, the Sun is, on average, around 3.6 billion miles from Pluto - in Anstruther, it is about a third of a mile away, which is a scale of about 1:10,000,000,000.


1 Anstruther visitors take a walk across the solar system - The Courier Retrieved 6 July 2017.

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