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With a big A, BigA just has to be your Admin.

Not much point in adding anything here about interests etc., since all you have to do is look at any of the pages I've created.

Can you update the info on Portavadie, please? 1) Contrary to what you say on the website, there has been no change in the state of Pollphail Village (the derelict workers' accommodation) other than decay. Certainly no 'part demolition' has occurred. There is a new plan to produce a marina, but an alternative marina has recently been granted planning permission in the 'hole'. 2) the Portavadie - Tarbert ferry does NOT leave from the end of the 'hole' now locally referred to by some as 'the lagoon'. It leaves from a slip to the north, where you have a road stopping at the water's edge.


The Contact Form on the left, or the discuss tab on the page will get noticed quicker. BUT, we'd sooner see a contrib here than not at all :-))

I'll shift this comment to the blue% discuss page some time in future.

Portavadie's a bit of run if you're not headed there anyway, so we just have to accept updates offered in good faith. Maybe the demo note was from someone who hadn't been back for years - and the decay looked like dem.

Afraid we can't do much about where the ferry leaves from - the map confirms your description of course, but the page doesn't actually say where exactly, other than referring to Portavadie. BigA