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Urban Exploration Ethics

With the seeking out of formerly secret or hidden places, and interest in Urban Exploration generally on the increase, respect of those places and their contents has become increasingly relevant and important. An unwritten code of ethics regarding how we behave once we've crossed the border between the normal world and our secret world exists, and protects our discoveries for those who follow.

The old Sierra Club's motto Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints very much applies to the Urban Exploration community.

Amongst urban explorers vandalism, theft and troublemaking are considered poor ethics. We don't break anything for any reason, we don't tag our names to prove we've 'been there', we don't litter and we don't steal. The sites we visit are largely unique, and generally irreplaceable once lost. The responsible explorer's desire is to leave them intact and 'as found', just as we would preserve and protect a precious area of fragile nature.

An interesting book written by the late Ninjalicious can be bought online. Entitled Access All Areas, it covers many topics related to Urban Exploration, and can guide you through many aspects of the hobby, such as the ethics of responsible exploration.

Two quotes from this book illustrate the principle:

About tagging and graffiti (by urban explorers):

If you have nothing to say beyond a messy scribble of your name or your group's name, don't say anything at all. If you really can't suppress your instinct to mark your territory, please just wait until you get home and then urinate on your furniture until you get that weird evolutionary misfire out of your system.

About taking stuff:

You don't need to take souvenirs to make both the experience and the site your own: you diminish your ownership of the place by defacing it or taking away a piece of it. Instead, adopt a zennish own-without-acquiring mindset (quote by Steven Wright): "I have a large seashell collection which I keep scattered all over the beaches of the world... maybe you've seen it?"

Think about it.

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