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Mount Vernon Stadium

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Mount Vernon Stadium was located just off Daldowie Road, and is has lain derelict and abandoned for some years. Some time around 2007, the remaining shells of the stadium buildings were razed leaving only some pieces of the wall facing Daldowie Road in place. A walk past the site in January 2010 showed that everything, including the walls had been removed, and the old track had been commandeered by quad-bikers, resulting in the former grass track being reduced to a black muddy smear.

I have no knowledge of the stadium when it was in use, and only visited the site after years of seeing the name on maps, finally satisfying those years of curiosity about just what was there. Earlier maps showed it as a dog track, and this is confirmed by the various surviving remains.

Not the best of areas, visiting seems best confined to Sundays. Dropping in at other times has usually found drunken neds having drinking parties in the remains of the old stands. The roadside is used as a dump, and is adjacent to a small commercial waste disposal site, which closed down a few years after this page was created.

A chance visit in November 2008 found the site to have been cleared, possibly as a result of the nearby housing development which has taken place on the ground following the closure of Glasgow Zoo.

All the building remains which had survived from the stadium and stand area have been razed, leaving only a few pieces of their rear wall standing along Daldowie Road. All the track fixtures, lighting gantries, and the mechanical hare system have been ripped out of the ground and destroyed, leaving only a few concrete bases scattered around the grounds, with the metal posts cut off.

The following series of pictures records a walk around the site.

The wall facing Daldowie Road, with some painted signing still visible announcing something at 2:30 pm.

Quick panorama of the front of the stadium, with the remains of the entrance to the left, showing the complete loss of the boundary wall, perimeter buildings, and the use of Daldowie Road as a dumping ground.

The entrance steps leading up from Daldowie Road

Although mostly overgrown, the steps up to the entrance cover the width of this image

The steps leading up to the remains of the entrance. The boundary fence is gone.

The view west along the track. The waste disposal site lies behind the fence at the far end.

View of the fence and lighting at the west end of the track.

Views east along the track, showing remains of lighting and and stand area.

The toilet area at the south side of the track, next to the stands.

General view along the track to the east.

View from the toilet area along the stands.

Detail of the old insulators that used to carry the wiring.

General views of the remains of the stand area.

View from the stands towards the remains of the entrance.

View of the participants entrance to the track, which would also have provided vehicle access by the external ramp leading to it.

All buildings that once sat at the exit and along the boundary wall have all been trashed or burned down.

Track Remains

Scattered around the perimeter of the track, pieces of the guide rail that carried the mechanical hare can be found in various stages of decay.

As with all such places, a shame to see its loss, not only as a location, but as a reflection on the changing social habits of the local population.

2007 demolition

A later visit in November 2007, found that the stand area near the entrance had been demolished and cleared away, and that the track fittings that once held the lighting and similar services around the track perimeter had been removed and carried away.

Compare the photographs below with the same areas which appear in the original survey shown above,

The stand area, or rather the area where the stands used to... stand.

A view back along the track side towards the former area occupied by the stands next to the entrance. This view would previously have shown the lighting and related track fixtures that used to run along the perimeter. Now, the only notable feature is the worn path around the perimeter. Closer inspection of the wear shows that it appears to have been claimed by the horsey set as a handy place to walk their pets away from the roads, as there is a stable and riding school located to the east.

Looking up the steps to the entrance, even this has been largely stripped of what little was once left there.

Mount Vernon Stadium 1998

Mount Vernon Stadium

2017 view

Stadium Pano, 2017
Stadium Pano, 2017

There is little to see since the site was stripped of all its metal some years ago, and whatever remains were evident were apparently deliberately flattened and cleared some time after this.

At the end of 2016, yet more was cleared away as the road which ran past the southern wall and entrance of the stadium, Daldowie Road, was closed and re-aligned.

The former track area continues to be used as an unofficial track for riders of off-road vehicles such as quad bikes.