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Rhoda Overson05 April 2012, 17:52

14 November 1941 George Wraith, 56, Chief Engineer, Merchant Service, died at 8.45pm in Campbeltown Cottage Hospital as a result of (i) extensive burns (to head, body, legs and arms) and (ii) shock. The informant on his death certificate was David Robertson, an "acquaintance" of Strathaird Place, Campbeltown, who was unable to provide the names of George Wraith's wife, or parents; and who gave his usual address as 13 Park Avenue, Fleetwood. The procurator fiscal's report gave George Wraith's usual address as 102 Thorold Road, Grimsby. His wife's death was registered in Grimsby in 1952. There is nothing on the procurator fiscal's report to indicate the cause of the burns.

The Fox06 April 2012, 06:32

Thanks for the comment, Rhoda.