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Re: The Buckfast Code Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: 3 hours ago
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Alright - own up!

Who got one (or more)?

Glasgow City Council was almost closed down on the day after Easter - all staff were handed brushes and street trolleys then sent out to sweep up all the litter from this and clear the street after the celebrations

Easter just got better

Re: Glasgow's poverty record still unbroken Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 26, 2017, 8:44am
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Nice to see a politician being called out on his claims, and to see how bogus the focus on so-called 'Child Poverty' is.

The figure can be easily manipulated by changing the 60% of median, or being selective with housing costs
Quoted Text
The figures come from a Scottish Government publication, which calculates relative poverty as living in households with incomes below 60% of the median income for the UK, after housing costs have been paid.

One could also make the figure he uses look like an improvement, and change his claim of 40,000 'more in poverty' to one of almost 100,000 'saved from poverty' by the simple trick of changing the comparison from the last few years, to one of comparison with the peak of the end of the 1990s.

Then there's the one that those of us unfortunate enough to have been forced to study advanced statistics, and which tells us looking selectively at ONE result that suits your agenda is actually not a very clever -but VERY political - thing to do:
Quoted Text
That's a large survey, but it still has a margin of error, so when it suggests that 260,000 children are living in poverty it means that the statisticians are 95% confident that the actual figure is somewhere between 190,000 and 320,000. That means that even though 40,000 is an unusually large increase, it is well within the margin of error and so the change is not statistically significant.


Details and graphs in:

Reality Check: Are a quarter of Scottish children in poverty? - BBC News

Remember, the numbers don't lie, despite the various saying used to discredit them. They only report the number.

The lies (or perhaps 'misdirection') come from the people who seek to used the, and TELL you what they want you to believe, not the honest numbers themselves.

Re: Longannet farces Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 25, 2017, 10:12pm
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Of course...

Scotland did this first

(No coal power here at all since 2016).

So, technically, this should REALLY say England rather than the UK since the only coal power is being made there.

It's been interesting over the past few days, seeing just how many web sites and organisations picked up on this and reported it ways best suited to their agendas.

This is just a general one, so no preaching from it

UK has first coal-free power day since the Industrial Revolution | Ars Technica

Arthur Scargill must be spinning in his grave!


We could use that to make electricity

Re: Here comes the 5 p plastic bag Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 25, 2017, 8:21pm
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Time for a nice wee... Conspiracy Theory

Aliens won't come screaming out of the sky bearing expensive directed energy weapons and blasting the Earth into smoking ruins as they purge of the nasty human infection it carries.

Smarter, they'll watch for an opportunity like this - and have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit while they leave someone else to get on with the job

Thinking they have found a nice, easy, 'natural' solution to the problem they created for themselves with 'indestructible' plastic, the invaders will genetically engineer some cute little caterpillars, drop a few of them in places where they can be found, and leave the silly little humans to do most of the rest, as they breed millions of the to eat all that naughty plastic.

Caterpillar found to eat shopping bags, suggesting biodegradable solution to plastic pollution


Once they've had their fill of plastic, those cute little friendly and apparently helpful caterpillars will mutate into flesh-eating little monsters - MILLIONS of them

And, thanks to all that plastic they ate... completely immune to any sort of insecticide or poison - and just about as indestructible as that plastic too


Need I say the aliens invented plastic bags too... and just left a few in the right places to be found - and claimed as someone's invention

Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 25, 2017, 6:54pm
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While there are places where the Nazi swastika is and remains a problem...

I think in countries like the UK it really is time to wind down the sheer hysteria that allegedly arises - or should I say is drummed up by the press and media for the sake of some clickbait and ad revenue.

Better today to embrace it here as the Hindu symbol it started life as - and still is!

Rather than falling into the rut of 'OH GOD A NAZI SWASTIKA - WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!"

Make the stories (if they have to be in the media at all) be of intrigue about how the popular symbol of good luck etc is being revived and spread, and stop making/reinforcing the Nazi connection.

If the neo-Nazis find their message is not being spread, and indeed, being converted to one of luck and peace, and they are being openly mocked for their attempts to spread it as as a Nazi symbol, and that aspect is being ignore - they're more likely to give it up as they begin to look even more stupid.

Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: FordPerfect
Date Posted: April 25, 2017, 4:33pm
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Swastika drawn on Yeovil road sign for Haynes Motor Museum | Somerset Live

BIG deal news  

I wonder why    

Tiger Tank Manual: Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger 1 Ausf.E (Sdkfz 181) (Owner's Workshop Manual): Amazon.co.uk: Michael Hayton: 9781844259311: Books

Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 25, 2017, 4:19pm
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When you simply MUST have swastikas everywhere in your life...


Rare color footage of the invasion of Poland, 1939

Ridiculous dentist blame parent for kids tooth rot Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 23, 2017, 9:04am
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Have you ever heard anything as ridiculous as the ramblings of this idiot dentist who has had the gall to blame parents for the rotten state of their children's teeth?

Leading dentist blames parents for child tooth decay - The Scotsman

Clearly has no idea what they are talking about, and that the LAST people who should be held to account for children are their parents.

Completely out-of-date and should be struck off for expressing ancient Victorian era thinking, and be replaced with someone who holds more modern and advanced thinking, where EVERYONE BUT PARENTS are to blame for anything to do with their children!

Stressed Scots teachers 'turn to drink and drugs' Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 23, 2017, 8:58am
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In my day...

They didn't need an excuse!
Quoted Text
Stress at work is leading some teachers to become increasingly reliant on caffeine, alcohol and prescription drugs, while a number have seen relationships break down, according to a poll by Scotland’s fastest growing teaching union.

Stressed out Scots teachers ‘turning to drink and drugs’ - The Scotsman

And what's this 'caffeine' they speak of there?

Are they seriously ranking tea (apparently contains MORE caffeine than coffee!) and coffee along with alcohol and drugs?

Sounds more like whining to me.

Re: Games casualties Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 23, 2017, 8:34am
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Lasting Legacy of of Commonwealth Shames 'slush fund' is apparently still members of the relevant 'club'
Quoted Text
Plans have been revealed for 125 more homes on the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games athletes' village site.

The second phase of the development would see a mixture of two and three-bedroom terraced houses built on the site in Dalmarnock.

City Legacy, the consortium behind the proposals, has submitted an application for planning permission to Glasgow City Council.

The site was the location of the tented village during the games and comes after the 700 homes that provided accommodation for athletes and officials were sold off or became social rented properties.

Calum Murray, director of City Legacy, said: "It's been a fantastic few years for all of us involved in this unique project.

"The interest in the village before, during and after the Commonwealth Games has been overwhelming and that's why we've taken to decision to build more homes on the site.

"It's a great location and the quality of homes is excellent - the multiple awards that we have secured over the past two years are testament to that."

He added: "Hundreds of families now call the village their home and with this new planning application for a further 125 homes, we hope to give many more families this once in a lifetime opportunity."

The second phase of the development was included as part of the 'masterplan' for the area in 2010.

City Legacy, which is made up of CCG, Cruden, McTaggart and Mickel and WH Malcolm in partnership with Glasgow City Council, stated in documents lodged with the planning application a new primary school is also set to be built on the site.

Glasgow 2014: 125 new homes for athletes' village site

While I haven't had reason to walk through the adjacent and more upmarket development that was built on the former site of Belvedere Hospital, and don't know if there are still empty flats and houses in there, I do know that half the site lies unbuilt on, as the developer apparently just seemed to stop one day, the land was flattened and grassed, all the equipment went away, and the site office where buyers could visit was moved from the furthers extent of the site, and resited next to the unsold houses.

I do walk through the former so-called Athletes Village, and a number of properties and flats remain empty - it's not hard to see them as their front doors and windows are only 1-2 metres from the path past them.

It's great that the construction companies are getting the cash to build more before those already built are occupied.

That's forward planning

I also passed the Riverside Car Home, built at the same time as the Athlete's Village as part of the great 'Lasting Legacy'...

Empty and unused since being built.

Still looks empty and unused, but eating cash daily as it is maintained and kept secure in readiness for the day they can open the doors.

Still - at least they have now taken down the wall that hid this embarrassingly empty place from plain sight since it was built and abandoned

Re: The Carrick or City of Adelaide is laid to rest Posted by: FordPerfect
Date Posted: April 21, 2017, 9:23pm
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Port Adelaide Renewal Project
Ships and boats
Dock One
Dock One
city of adelaide
City of Adelaide Clipper Ship
Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Limited
1.Large historic timber vessel offering insights into stories of immigration to South Australia
2.Privately owned vessel
3.Can potentially contribute to a ‘mass’ of maritime heritage experiences in Port Adelaide
1.Conservation works required are extensive
2.Privately owned vessel
3.Current proposals for interpretation are ambitious and require significant on-shore land area
to create financial viability
4.Depending on location, carparking requirements could be restrictive
The City of Adelaide Clipper Ship is a large historic vessel and has potential to provide a
significant attraction if developed in a suitable manner. It also has potential to illustrate
some of the State’s immigration history in an authentic and immersive manner. The enterprise
is a private venture, not seeking government support beyond provision of a site. Combined
carefully with other maritime attractions, there is potential for the vessel to consolidate and
expand visitor numbers.
The vessel currently is in poor condition and visually challenging. It is incomplete, and it is
highly unlikely that it will ever float or sail and there is no intent to make it. As a land-based
hull, it is difficult to access physically, and to understand as a sailing vessel (approaching
from below). Proposals for its interpretation are ambitious and to achieve will require
significant funding. Museums and cultural facilities and experiences are notoriously difficult
to manage financially, and as a private venture, there is a risk that the venture will fail.




Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 18, 2017, 8:56am
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Nice one - value would be interesting:

Jumping on the watch train.

Serious thought/question.

I've learnt that a major German company owner relevant to one of my interests was jailed for war crimes after the end of World War II.

But also that this was more of an immediate post war token gesture, as it was only for a few years.

But his factory was taken over by the Nazis and he did comply, rather than be shot and have his factory taken (and it was solely his business), and production was significant, including vehicles, tanks, and recently discovered, even a small submarine ie not a U-Boat.

So I wonder of the watchmaker...

Was he tried as a 'war criminal' and jailed for his war crime of supporting enemy morale, and manufacturing items which supported the enemy effort?

Just a passing thought

Re: India of Inchinnan Posted by: FordPerfect
Date Posted: April 16, 2017, 10:12am
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Never been in a new tyre factory, just once in a re-tread / remould factor  (the machined seemed very basic) .   Been in a  BANDAG  'recap' place a few times ,  nothing much to remember with plant or tyre moulds - just vulcanize ovens seemed to take up floor space.   Much seemed to be manual workusing hand held air-tools  on the casing preparation , although IIRC there were machines to skive / shave the bulk of the original rubber off in preparation    

Re: India of Inchinnan Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 16, 2017, 9:20am
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Reminds of visits to India.

This place also looks remarkably clean, but then again is not as old.

While the factory was not dirty, processing the rubber mixture full of carbon black (and other sticky goodies) meant it was still coated with a film of this mix which settled from the air, as the bombs (the pressure vessels where the raw tyres were cooked under pressure as described below, to vulcanise the material) steamed away and their hot contents were exposed at the end of the process.

Fortunately, the raw materials were measured/weighed/mixed elsewhere - and that place was BLACK FILTHY!

It's kind of funny to reflect on how little the manufacturing of tyres has changed over the year (ok, fancy modern equipment - but the man part is much the same) as videos I see of 'new' factories shows much the same as I saw at India, and that was an old place which had seen little modernisation.

Hydraulic Tire Press !

Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: FordPerfect
Date Posted: April 15, 2017, 4:35pm
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ISTR some  German  POW's were retained in UK for work until abt.   1950 .  I just wondered if he had put it in a bucket of Domestos mix to clean up the graffiti of algae etc.  -  it does look fresh mix.pargeting they use in that part of England     

Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 15, 2017, 10:46am
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No scepticism for this one?

Even in photos, that thing looks rather sharply defined, fresh, and clean, for being recovered from a stream in the 1970. presumably after being there for almost 30 years since 1947.



2 years after the end of World War II.

And German PoWs are still using swastikas, SS symbology, and paying tribute to Adolf Hitler while in Britain?

Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: FordPerfect
Date Posted: April 15, 2017, 10:16am
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Swastika in a field near Chelmsford    

Man digging garden finds swastika-engraved Hitler plaque made by German prisoners of war - Mirror Online

Is the claim that we are losing shops valid Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 12, 2017, 11:53pm
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According to this article:
Quoted Text
Scotland is losing shops faster than any other part of Britain, according to research carried out by PwC for the Local Data Company.

The business advisers found 366 stores closed in Scotland last year, with 254 new outlets opening.

The net change represents a 3.44% drop. The British average figure was 1.32%.

The largest number of closures - at 32 - was among outlets.


In addition to fashion retailers, Scotland lost 15 banks, 13 charity shops and 12 mobile phone stores.

Shop closures hit Scottish high streets - BBC News
I tend to tale a different view on this sort of tale.

Maybe we have enough fashion shops, and adding more is unsustainable.

As for the others mentioned....

Banks - sorry, banking is now online.

Charity shops - do they really count? I'm sorry, but I don't think they belong in this survey, and are staffed by volunteers.

Mobile phone shops - seriously? This is something to base a review of shop numbers on?


Re: The Buckfast Code Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 12, 2017, 3:13pm
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This is what happens when you let some people think they have a brain, and make the mistake of letting them use it in public.
Quoted Text
Campaign group the National Secular Society say the alcoholic beverage is harmful and an “abuse of the charitable system.”

Buckfast monks ‘should be stripped of charity status’ - The Scotsman

This is really just another example of the unfortunate power that social media and poor reporting have gained through pushing their way into public view.

Witness all reports regarding problems (real, imagined, or otherwise) with Internet search engines ALL refer only to Google, although the legislatures and courts actually rule against ALL search engines when a case is brought and concluded.

While a few thoughtless courts have carelessly named Buckfast, and the media has latched onto this with its own campaigning, does ANYBODY REALLY BELIEVE sanctioning the Buckfast label will make one jot of difference to the sort of drinkers gargle with fortified tonic wine, or any other handy alcohol for that matter?

Do they believe that smacking down Buckfast will mean those drinkers will somehow say "Goodness me, I shall not drink such a devilish liquor now that it has been targetted as a terrible thing."

Aye right.

The righteous need to get out in the streets I walk, where Buckfast bottles now lie side-by-side with Glasgow's original fortified fire-water...


And from what I see, there is a similar love for MD 20/20 another fortified wine.

aka Mad Dog 20/20

The full "Red Grape Wine" flavour packs the 18% wallop.

But is there any mention of them in the media - despite Eldorado's fame before Buckfast was raised to fame - probably by the hate campaigners!

Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 9, 2017, 7:12pm
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Beware of 55


I suggest beware of SS too.

I used to think Hitler chose the swastika because of SS works in German, and we see the runic SS badge on their uniform - but I've never come across the link being suggested by anyone 'professional... so I must be an idiot

Heil 5!

  Re: Toward Lighthouse Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 7, 2017, 11:31am
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Not Toward Lighthouse itself, but one of the cottages adjacent...

Toward Lighthouse Cottage For Rent | Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent

It always surprises me to see basic or fundamental errors in web sites, especially if they relate to something that I would consider essential, but...

I see no date for this item, so it is impossible to tell if this is a current offering, and therefore likely to be valid, or an old item, which might have archive value, but is likely to be out of date, and the cottage has been bought or leased since the item was placed.

For me, it was the first piece of info I could not see up front, and went to look for to work out if the article (or let's be honest - advert) was worth considering.

Sorry, but including a date is just fundamental, and should not even need to be thought about.

There's an interesting aside to this one.

You'll see a smallish pic near the bottom of the article (second from last pic, above Tam Nugent's geograph).

There's no acknowledgement to the source, and it's from a time when I didn't make ANY notes about pics I was gifted and given free use of, but...

It is exactly the same size (to the pixel) as out pic in the SeSco Wiki showing the light and the cottages as seen from sea.

Secret Scotland - Toward Lighthouse

It was some years ago, so depends on my memory, but I am reasonably sure that pic is from a slide (you can see the borders) taken by a resident of the area some years ago, and was given to us with permission to use as our own.

SeSco pics without a copyright shown are offered for reuse (without even asking) provided a simple acknowledgement to source is given - it would be nice, and polite.

Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 6, 2017, 9:42pm
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Mother Cross

  Re: Corrugated Iron Buildings Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 6, 2017, 7:35pm
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Interesting modern take:

Tinhouse among best buildings shortlist - BBC News

Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: FordPerfect
Date Posted: April 6, 2017, 10:56am
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Children's colouring book featuring Hitler pulled from shelves | London Evening Standard

  Re: Clyde Hovercraft Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: April 1, 2017, 1:53pm
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Chance find of a Russian innovation in hovercraft

The Gaz-16.

A hybrid car prototype that was a car and a hovercraft. You can choose which mode to use depending on the surface: on the highway with the wheels and then as a hovercraft on fields or swamps.

See footage here too:

The American Army had one too, presumably to replace the Jeep for all-terrain running.

But, notably, none of these survived the prototype and testing phases.

Friction is not ALWAYS a bad thing!

Cats know this

  Re: Boyd's Automatic Tide Signalling Apparatus Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: March 29, 2017, 8:33am
1 (100.00%)
Nearly 3 years since the last 'bell' went off on the interwebs and drew attention to activity, but slow progress is still progress and this has not died.

Described here:


Pilot House Project

And a pic of work in progress (embedding disabled) from Oct 2016:

Work in progress. | The Automatic Tide Marker Station, bette… | Flickr

Re: Swastika in field near Aviemore Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: March 28, 2017, 10:25pm
1 (100.00%)


Re: Games casualties Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: March 28, 2017, 3:24pm
1 (100.00%)


Still not 'getting it'.

After the lie of the Commonwealth Shames being some fantastic and magical moneymaker (for somebody) after it did not have to pay any of the thousands of mugs volunteers that worked through the event for free...

No wages (and therefore also no related taxes or other contributions to be paid for either) means that there's a whole HEAP of cash the event organisers etc get to keep for themselves.

And the same trick is about to be foist on the mugs volunteers AGAIN as the call goes out for 3,000 unpaid staff to turn up and do all the work for free:

Glasgow 2018 launches drive to find 3000 volunteers

Re: The Carrick or City of Adelaide is laid to rest Posted by: FordPerfect
Date Posted: March 26, 2017, 11:49am
1 (100.00%)
I will have to have a better search when I have time , however - seems more or less - little or no news is in fact no news .  Well actually - they never had a proper final berth  

Re: The Carrick or City of Adelaide is laid to rest Posted by: Admin
Date Posted: March 26, 2017, 10:22am
1 (100.00%)
Quoted from FordPerfect
Going to have to try and find it again  

Found it      possibly you can kill off the dud - to tidy my mess    


No, I think it deserves to be left to show how the use of a paywall affects things.

This second link just opens up the subscription page for a non-registered account holder:
Quoted Text
Subscribe for full digital access& enjoy all Premium articles

Unrestricted digital access, just $1 for the first 28 days

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