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SeSco Under Maintenance
This forum is currently under maintenance mode, which means only administrators can access this forum. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused, and this board should be back up and running shortly. More information may be below as to why this forum has been into maintenance mode. If you are an administrator to this board and are not logged in, do so below.
This board is... momentarily on hold for a few days.
The idea behind a Forum is to have people discussing things, and that's simply not happening here.
One or two people are doing all the 'work' while many others just look on - and stay silent.

Apologies for the extended loss of access
I had been intending a few hours only to make some changes as I can't be around as much, and ended not being around at all.
I don't want to lock out those with ongoing conversations, so things should return during Monday, but the lack of interest means that's probably all.
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