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I refrained from mentioning this lot last year when they first appeared, but now that they have gained traction in the real world, it might be time to start watching.

Even after close to a year since first reading about this idea I can't come to a decision if 'Mad' or 'Genius'.

Or if they will 'Crash and Burn' or 'Soar like an eagle'.

For every negative/positive thought I have, I can come up with positive/negative counterthoughts.

I do think they will have to be EXTREMELY lucky to survive, and at this point tend to side with financial advisors who have issued cautious warning over their business.

But I've also watched crazy ideas gain enough like mined followers to survive, even if the signs were originally that they were going to sink, and they just struggled, but lived.

But then the question becomes one of long-term prospects, and even more of survival.

I suspect we may see this sort of attraction disappear "the firm would give 75% of profits back to customers".

75% of nothing is... nothing. Remember that is 75% of PROFITS, not TURNOVER.

And will the customers be called on to share in 75% of losses?

East Lothian couple set up own power company - BBC News
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