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According to this article:
Quoted Text
Scotland is losing shops faster than any other part of Britain, according to research carried out by PwC for the Local Data Company.

The business advisers found 366 stores closed in Scotland last year, with 254 new outlets opening.

The net change represents a 3.44% drop. The British average figure was 1.32%.

The largest number of closures - at 32 - was among outlets.


In addition to fashion retailers, Scotland lost 15 banks, 13 charity shops and 12 mobile phone stores.

Shop closures hit Scottish high streets - BBC News
I tend to tale a different view on this sort of tale.

Maybe we have enough fashion shops, and adding more is unsustainable.

As for the others mentioned....

Banks - sorry, banking is now online.

Charity shops - do they really count? I'm sorry, but I don't think they belong in this survey, and are staffed by volunteers.

Mobile phone shops - seriously? This is something to base a review of shop numbers on?

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SeSco    Secret Scotland    Industrial  ›  Is the claim that we are losing shops valid

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