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How are Scotland and Russia linked?

For many years there has been a tradition of Russian claims to have been 'First' with many things, from inventions to achievements.

If you are not familiar with this, it's worth having a hunt around the Interwebs for such things, many are, shall we say... 'fun', but there are many others that have grain of truth, in particular those which are based in America, but when researched, can actually be found to have been down to Russian who fled the Soviet state for the freedom to work as they wished in the West.

While 'Tongue in cheek', do I detect a similar theme developing in these day of (whisper) Nationalism, and the sudden 'discovery' of new evidence that shows numerous English inventions etc were in fact Scottish?

Perhaps someone thinks that the fact (and it is a legit fact) that Scotland was actually home to many inventions in the past.

Thought inspired by this gem:

Shot fragment reveals how Scotland pioneered ballistics

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SeSco    Secret Scotland    Around the country  ›  Scotland and Russia's common bond

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