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This seems to date from 2010, so funny I have not come across any of its pages before.

Glasgow Family Album is organised by Cranhill Arts Project.
Cranhill Arts Project are organising scanning sessions at venues across Glasgow.

You can come along with your family photos and have them scanned there and then and added to this site.

Cranhill Arts Project have a history of organising large scale projects for Glaswegians involving photography. Way back in 1990 the Out of the Biscuit Tin exhibition used, the then new technology of, colour photocopiers to create a month-long exhibition of Glasgow family photos. The next year Cranhill Arts
organised the bigger Future Memories exhibition at the Tramway in Glasgow.

Future Memories dealt with the way Glasgow had been and was being photographed.

There was a large section created from Glasgow people's family images.

Glasgow Family Album

I've had a look inside, but it seems a bit awkward to use, but that might just be me not finding the right way
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