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While I sometimes query 'why' certain corners of the media feel the need to exploit UrbEx and history, sometimes it's as well to forget that and just wonder at how they manage to get it 'right' sometimes.

Actually, The Scotsman does quite a nice range of reasonably well assembled item on heritage matters, and this one has some odd and interesting surprises.

Not least that Barnton Quarry is hinted at being open to the public in 2021 - I'd given up on this one after there was a burst of activity and information with news about the place a few years ago, then - nothing!

All the web sites that had been opened and mentioned it just dried up and went away, and I gave up trying to find decent info - at one stage I had decided that the plan had maybe even folded, but then I found an obscure corner of the Secret Bunker site that dropped a few hints, so at least it was not dead, but even the blog they had been running evaporated years ago.

Worth a look:

(But one warning - whoever writes these articles has yet to master the fine art of getting the pics and words in the same order )

11 creepy abandoned places in Edinburgh - The Scotsman
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