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Of those I know on the list of Scottish visitor attractions, I would probably have put those I am familiar with in the right sort of order.

I'd have been happier if they'd given the visitor numbers though so we could see by how much each one got its place by the numbers, and how great the difference between them was.

Scotland's visitor attractions 'outperform' UK - BBC News

While I generally agree this goes with what I see, and what is on offer - there is one exception.

I cannot see how GoMA managed to outperform the People's Palace.

Both on my regular circuit and I see there permanent and temporary exhibitions - and the people visiting.

The People's Palace is, of course, very traditional, but has the Winter Gardens and cafe.

GoMA's exhibitions are all temporary now (as far as I have seen in recent years) and the once permanent and interesting display are a distant memory. I just mentioned that many of its exhibitions are pretty poor, and I take a lot of shoving to say that. The main gallery currently has fetish videos on show, one upper gallery seems to have old clothes on racks, and I honestly don't know what was on the top floor - it didn't look interesting enough to make me stop walking and look. I saw some hand prints in frames - exciting! And their was another video playing. I'm sorry, but I don't got to art galleries to watch videos

I guess GoMA hits the higher visitor numbers than the People's Palace since it lies smack in the City Centre, just off George Square, and Queen Street station (catch new arrivals), while the People's Palace is in Glasgow Green, actually outside the city shopping area, and you have to walk to it.
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SeSco    Secret Scotland    Around the country  ›  List of visitor attraction and ranking

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