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It's interesting to consider how things change...

I was travelling to Campbeltown fairly regularly around 2000 (I'm not going to try for exact dates, and be told I'm wrong ), although my destination was actually Machrihanish and the air base, first RAF, the MoD Machrihanish.

It was fun back then as my reasons were related to a little bit of UrbEx, and the base was still then active, with uniformed troops and guards wandering around, and on the gates. Cutting across a farm on one occasion, I learnt that the farmer's cows liked to smash through the airfield's emergency 'crash gates' - flimsy wooden shuttering installed over wide openings in the otherwise secure boundary fence, and intended to prevent delay for emergency service vehicles which could simply 'crash' through the wooden slats. Poor old farmer had to go and ask to be let in to get his coos back.

During those visits I noticed a lot of posters in shops, generally apparently hostile to something called 'Vestas'. Then the meaning was not obvious, and other than seeming to organise local support to oppose 'Vestas', the posters did nothing to inform a visitor what 'Vestas' were, or was.

I had to hunt around online to find that it was a wind turbine company, and was applying for planning permission to establish a factory at Machrihanish.

The story below claims:
Quoted Text
The South Korean company took over the site on the former RAF airbase less than a year ago.

Although I can't be sure (I did not visit the factory site then as there was no clear road), I do not think this is correct, and the site was never on airbase land.

When I drove to the main gate of the base, and also spotted the signs for Vestas, the track that it indicated led past the base and along the perimeter and on to the coast.

Having seen that apparent hostility to Vestas back around 2000 (well, it appeared that way to a casual disinterested visitor), I find it ironic/amusing that even this the various histrionics that have been reported about this factory over the years (you'll find all sorts of fun about grants, funding, job, closure, expansion, politics etc in past news) and endless tales about the factory being closed appeared on an almost annual basis, today, it seems that folk want to fight to keep it, and don't want rid of it.

Jobs threat at Machrihanish wind turbine plant - BBC News
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